Who Is John Bunyan?

He wrote 58 books, including the world’s best-seller next to the Bible, The Pilgrim’s Progress, translated into over 200 languages. A metal worker, he had no seminary training, no college degree, nothing more than an elementary school education, yet, the Dean of Christ Church Seminary and Vice-Chancellor of Oxford University went often to hear him preach, saying that he would give up all his formal education to touch hearts with God’s Word as well as this Baptist pastor.

In addition to being the pastor of his village Baptist church, he was a husband and a father to four children. Imprisoned for preaching without a license from the Anglican Church, he could have been freed to be with his beloved family with a promise not to preach. But, he considered freedom without preaching as a worse prison and so he refused and remained in limited confinement and under the constant threat of execution.

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