Bulletin Insert

Here is a link to the bulletin insert about Bunyan we used in our church on Sunday. I hope it is a help.


Book Store!

I also wanted to remind everyone that there will be great books at great prices offered before each session and during the intermission each night of the Heritage Conference. Dr. Newton's books will be available. Solid Ground Christian Bookstore will be there as well with a wide variety of great books. Check out their website for an idea of what kind of books they offer.

Bunyan Poem

Here is a Bunyan poem I was blessed to read this week.

Meditation Upon The Day Before The Sun Rising

But all this while, where's he whose golden rays
Drives night away and beautifies our days?
Where's he whose goodly face doth warm and heal,
And show us what the darksome nights conceal?
Where's he that thaws our ice, drives cold away?
Let's have him, or we care not for the day.
Thus 'tis with who partakers are of grace,
There's nought to them like their Redeemer's face.

John Bunyan